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Become a part of the movement that will make DeFi safer with the DDO & IDDO system

Our one-of-a-kind Due Diligence Offerings (DDO) and Initial Due Diligence Offering (IDDO) systems allow users to research listed projects through an innovative quiz structure to help better understand the concept of due diligence by asking the right questions and rewarding each successful due diligence.

Discover how a large sample of users feel about any listed projects on our MSI page

The Market Sentiment Indicator (MSI) page allows any user or visitor to see in detail how a large group of people feel about any listed project by displaying helpful information gathered during the DDO/IDDO process to offer an easy-to-read, fact-based set of data to have a better view of a project’s safety and potential.

Stake, unlock the WDPlatform’s full potential and collect the numerous rewards

Through staking, Watchdog Protocol ensures that users are here for the long term by offering an interesting APY and fairly rewarded thanks to various staking tiers based on tokens staked and staking duration. The same interface also allows users to collect all the rewards they earned by completing DDOs & IDDOs and track their progress.

DeFi regulation

The lack of regulatory measures and algorithms to maintain high trading standards generates an environment where safety issues make the globalization of DeFi a challenge. Our Platform is here to bring an efficient solution in a decentralized fashion.

Decentralized due diligence protocol

Partnered launchpads, exchanges, and venture capitalists are working on normalizing the Watchdog Protocol by channeling projects through our Due Diligence offerings, by extension acting as Watchdog Enforcers.

DeFi legitimization

By leveraging the power of the community and providing powerful, decentralized due diligence tools, Watchdog Protocol is positioning itself at the forefront of legitimizing and democratizing DeFi in a rewarding fashion with an intelligent marketing approach.


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Phase 1 (BSC launch)

  • BEP20 WDP Token Contract creation
  • Full tokenomics
  • Website revamp
  • Website v.2 reveal
  • Litepaper publication
  • Partnership agreements
  • Marketing kick-off (AMAs, Calls)
  • $10,000 Airdrop campaign
  • Whitelist viral competition
  • $10,000 Airdrop campaign
  • NFT Seed Sale
  • Seed Investor VIP group


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