MoonRetriever Technology Overview

Just like a dog assisting its owner to hunt, MoonRetriever will sniff out the good and the bad for you, so all you have to do is swapand watch your investment grow while petting MoonRetriever like the good boy he is.

As a multisegmented platform that operatesunder only one coin, in order to bring you a huge amount of freedom, in the simplest way possible,

Our Mission

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Multilayered Rug-Check System

Allows holders to instantly verify if a token has its liquidity locked or not. In addition, you will also be able to scan the contract itself in order to find out whether there are any mint functions/proxy functions or migration functions. It’ll also have the ability to check whether the contract ownership was renounced or not.

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Wallet Tracking Function

Allowing holders to track specific wallets in order to keepa close eye on things like developer wallets or burnwallets for example

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Market Tracking Function

Giving holders the capacity to track the market based on their favorite criteria such as Top Gainers, Newly Released or Market Cap.

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Risk Assessment System

From which holders will be able to choose from recently released tokens and get into those very early on, whileminimizing risks.

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Token Locker

Allowing holders to track specific wallets in order to keep a close eye on things like developer wallets or burn wallets for example.

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ILO Kickstarter

A presale ILO platform will allow projects to kickstart their tokens with us. This also will reassure new investors of the projects safety, while allowing safer, more user-friendly presales to happen, just like a Golden Retriever